SEO Philippines – A True Value For Your Business

Bring potential customers to your website by achieving page 1 rankings on Google for valuable keywords.

  • Industry analysis and keyword research to reveal valuable keywords that customers are searching for.
  • Installation of web analytics to track efforts.
  • Optimization of website technical structure and content.
  • Link building and content marketing to increase rankings.
  • Monthly data analysis to further optimize strategy.

DM-spipage-img01The internet provides Micro, small and medium-size business an opportunity to reach more audience, sell their products and services, and build their brand without a huge budget requirement. This all made possible through corporate websites making businesses open to accept client inquiries 24/7 and from anywhere in the world.

But having a decent website with good layout and eye-catching images alone cannot promise your business’ online visibility from potential customers.

SEO is a marketing strategy that allows your website to appear and be found on top of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing when a prospect look for information about a particular product/service that is related to your business. Search engine optimisation (SEO) opens up the possibility of a prospect in getting to know your business that will lead to inquiry and opens up the opportunity for a potential sale.

For MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises), where highly-effective strategy is important to survive and sustain business, SEO is a top choice among internet marketing services as it attracts relevant audience, inexpensive, data-driven and is built for long-term.

What are the benefits of Search Engine Optimization to SMEs?

You can Start Getting Clients just with SEO
Specific and Measurable Campaigns
SEO helps you build credibility
Continuous SEO means continuous Growth
Having a website and becoming visible online can lead customers straight to your business. These are the two basic components of your business online that can drive sales to your business without spending a huge amount of money.
With powerful anlaytics and tracking codes, you can make wiser decisions to ensure that your money is not going in to waste.
The brand’s reputation together with the company’s achievements and awards are some of the factors the clients look at to prove credibility. Showcasing these facts would help you gain a better reputation. SEO helps you escalate these important things to your target audience.
SEO is a strategy that can be implemented by a start-up to fortune 100 companies as it increase web visibility, authority and popularity of ones brand in a given topic or industry.

How can I start my SEO campaign?


There are certain procedures to follow in order to have a quality SEO campaign.

  1. Comprehensive SEO Audit

By analyzing the data of your website such as backlinks and content, we will provide recommendations on how we can improve your website further. In order to fully utilize the capabilities of your website, a strategic plan should be made while proper implementation will make it possible.

  1. Identify keywords

Analysis of relevant keywords including monthly local searches from a target location. These includes words and phrases from a search done online which are relevant to your website.

  1. We will equip you to have a better decision about your SEO campaignUpon website and keyword analysis, we will give you best options to have a smooth-sailing SEO campaign. This includes a depth analysis of your website contents and also include strategies and recommendations to better improve your online visibility.
  2. If you say Yes, we will proceed with on-site SEO

Having agreed the proposition, we will then optimize your website’s content and make it both user and search engine-friendly. The reason for this is to make it easier for the search engine crawlers to locate your website upon a certain search query from a user.

  1. We will do the blog postings and link building for your site

We will associate your website as well as the products or services offered to blogsites and media sites with a decent amount of pagerank. Increase further the awareness online by engaging with social media websites that are visited by the majority.

What are the different SEO services?

Various SEO services are offered to have quality on-site contents and relevancy.

Local SEO

Link Building Campaign


Optimization of your website’s meta title and description

This will help search engine locate your website through search crawlers and identify if the contents are worthy of searching.

Include target keywords with relevant contents

Important parts of your website like your homepage include a decent keyword including contents to make it more visible to search engines.

Increase the brand visibility and add local profiles

Registering your website to directories like Google Places for better visibility online.

Weekly SEO task report

This includes your previous and current rankings to search engines and updates on the procedures and tasks done for your website.


Website traffic analysis

We help you understand more the relevance of the website content as well as the sources of your website visits, where the users are located, which city do they belong and other related factors.

Rankings on search engines like Google

The goal is to make it to the first page and top list of the Google Search.

Monitoring the website’s performance

Are the visitors interested to look at the contents? Do they immediately close a tab even before browsing most of the content? These are some of that factors to measure your websites’ performance.

SEO Management


Further analyze and optimize there be any updates or changes

There be any changes, add-ons or recommendations, we would immediately inform you to better improve your websites’ performance and quality.


Grow your business together with us

Digitalmoz will help guide your business online, from SEO  to Social Media Management, Link Building and other online services, we will do our best to make the digital world possible to your website.


We work hard to in order to build the most cost effective, highest-quality and the most up to date strategies in the world of search engine marketing.

We strive to bring you on top of the search engines and entice highly-interested prospects to make them inquire to your website and convert. Bringing your business a more established branding value and a high return on investment.